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26 Apr2012

Daily life - Useful information


fiscal receipt

To someone could have happened to wonder what the fiscal receipt is, which characteristics must it have and what it serves?


Fiscal receipt is one of the means adpted by fiscal normative, and it is a document with fiscal value released at the moment of the purchase of goods or to the reception of performances of services, in alternative to the fiscal slip.


The fiscal receipt must be issued at the end of the performance, both that it deal with a consummation at a restaurant or with a medical performance.


If, at the end of the performance, the bill is not paid or partly not paid, it must have released a fiscal receipt referring the non paid amount, to which will follow a second fiscal receipt at the time of the sale.


 The fiscal receipt must be completed of some identification elements , what:


- The client's data (name, last name, fiscal code);

- the shopkeeper's / professional name;

- the enterprise fiscal code;

- nature, quantity and quality of the sold good or the effected performance;

- the date of issue;

- the progressive number.


Let's remember us that to ask for the issue of a correct fiscal receipt constitutes, first of all, one our right, because it represents that document that allows us to pretend possible reimbursements.

Besides it constitutes a fundamental duty with the purpose to contribute to the struggle against the tax evasion


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